Review Our Do-Not Flush Guidelines.

    Please Do Not Flush These Items:

      Below is a simple list of items that should be thrown in the trash; and not flushed down the drain to create havoc in the sewer system. Which only translates to a higher cost to our customers. With help from the residents we can reduce the by-product of neglected use of these so called 'flushable wipes' to and end in our community:

      • - Baby Wipes
      • - Flushable Wipes (Not really Flushable)
      • - Cooking Grease/Oil
      • - Sanitary Products
      • - Condoms
      • - Cigs & Other Trash
      • - Bottle Caps/Tabs
      • - Cat Litter

      Below are two short videos explaining the controversy surrounding the flushable wipes (Please watch to get an understanding why this causes an issue for us and numerous other towns across the United States) So we are asking our residents to avoid flushing these products. Thank you: